How to keep busy while practicing social distancing!


  • Call friends, family members, neighbors to catch up, check on one another, and connect.
  • Call WA Warm Line, 1-877-500-WARM (9276): Confidential peer support line for those experiencing anxiety, loneliness, etc. Wednesday-Sunday, 5 – 9 pm.


Games and Fun!

  • Slither is a fun, light game you can play with just your mouse and internet browser. Email us your high scores (put “Slither” in the subject line)!
  • Interested in fly fishing? Antique restoration? Makeup tutorials? Facts about sea horses? How to fold an origami frog? There’s a YouTube video for it! Search for anything that interests you and see where you end up!
  • Check out Sporcle, the world’s largest online trivia quiz website
  • Missing your bridge game? Play online!
  • Watch your favorite Card Games and Bridge on Twitch! Twitch offers Live Streams and Video Clips of any game you could think of!
  • Print and color beautiful coloring book pages – it can be soothing and meditative as well as a fun creative outlet!
  • Access e-books, comics, music, movies and more online through the Seattle Public Library.

Get Active!

  • Yoga is always a great way to stretch and exercise, but its soothing effect could be even more beneficial in these times. Try out some of these free yoga videos for seniors from Do Yoga With Me.
  • Many other fitness videos are available on YouTube. Try this 20 minute video from HasFit, which can be done sitting or standing, with or without weights!
  • Take a walk! Just be sure to avoid others and avoid touching surfaces while you’re stretching your legs.

Accomplish Something

  • Follow this tool to complete your Advance Directives!
  • Start on a memoir! Here’s a guide.
  • Work on de-cluttering your home. Here is a guide.
  • Keep a gratitude journal, or just a general journal.
  • Write an email to friends, family members, or even just casual acquaintances – they would love to receive a note from you.

Email your contributions to with the subject line “Keep busy”!