Our Mission

WCSC builds community across generations and fosters healthy, secure, positive aging. We aim to create an inclusive, vibrant, age-friendly organization that helps people connect, engage, and expand their horizons.

Who We Are

We are a warm and welcoming space where older adults in north Seattle can continue to learn and thrive through life’s transitions in a positive and healthy way. We recognize that aging touches us all, but the process looks different for every individual. Our hands-on, caring and knowledgeable staff helps guide seniors and their families through some of the challenges of aging and navigating the often daunting network of community and government resources available to them. Our dynamic and affordable programming is focused on enriching the lives of seniors, and the staff works with families to find transportation for those seniors who would otherwise not have access to the facility.

Code of Conduct

The Wallingford Community Senior Center Code of Conduct was established to ensure a warm and supportive environment for all who participate and work at WCSC. We hope these guidelines will allow participants to feel at ease, create an enjoyable atmosphere for all, and maintain the facility for the entire community. When you come to the center, you are agreeing to follow the code of conduct.

WCSC Code of Conduct

WCSC Animal Policy

WCSC Technology Center Guidelines

EIN 91-1631962

Our Logo

WCSC’s logo depicts Daimyo Oak leaves in a circle. This is a traditional Japanese design, called a maru-ni-mitsu-kashiwa. Examples of traditional maru-ni-mitsu-kashiwa designs include:

In Autumn, the leaves of a Daimyo Oak tree do not fall until new ones start to grow in Spring. Since ancient times in Japan, this pattern of growth means that Daimyo Oak leaves have symbolized long life and continuity.

We chose this logo design because its symbolism is in alignment with our mission, of serving people through generations.