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Wallingford United Methodist Benefit Concert

Enjoy Live Music and Refreshments while Helping Local Seniors!

Thursday, October 4, 7 – 8:30 pm

The Wallingford Community Senior Center is hosting a Concert at Wallingford United Methodist Church on October 4 at 7 pm, to raise funds to provide services for seniors in the community. This event includes refreshments and live music – and more! Tickets cost $20.

Funds raised will help provide hot meals, fitness and recreation programs, education, and an opportunity for all generations to grow and thrive in community. Funds will also go to providing vital counseling and referral services, connecting seniors and their families to resources in the community.

$20 donation appreciated

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Keeping Seniors Out of Homelessness

Check out the recent work that our Social Worker, Denise Malm, has been doing to address homelessness in seniors:

Crosscut article in which Denise Malm talks about Project SHARE and our area’s housing affordability crisis and its effect on our participants.

Kiro 7 News Video addressing the “silent epidemic” of homelessness that older women are facing.


For more information on Project SHARE (Senior Homelessness Action, Resources, and Education) please click here.


A Year of Service: Our AmeriCorps member reflects on her year at WCSC

Danielle with Mary B, a WCSC front desk volunteer

Each day, seniors come to WCSC for exercise, lunch, games, assistance with MediCare enrollment, and much more. Some seniors rely on WCSC for a fresh, hot meal. Others come to WCSC for Enhance Fitness, an evidence-based fitness program that helps older adults stay active with cardio, stretching and strength exercises. As the Program and Outreach Specialist, I helped keep all of the programs running smoothly. Whether I was helping serve meals at lunch or signing people in for their foot care appointments, I met new people every day.

I have been amazed by the diversity of those who come to WCSC; our membership includes a World War II veteran, and many nurses, teachers, Peace Corps volunteers, and business owners. Many members have lived in Seattle since they were little. Several were born outside of the country, but have called Seattle home for many years. Still, there is one thing that many of the participants have in common: they approach aging with a sense of humor. In general, there is a very upbeat and happy atmosphere here at WCSC, and rather than worrying about the difficulties that come as we age, I heard more jokes and laughter. Overall, it is very evident that each and every participant is very grateful for WCSC. Here, they have a space to live and age comfortably.

-Danielle served as an AmeriCorps member at WCSC from September 2016-July 2017. The next AmeriCorps member, Eva will be starting in September.

Food fosters community


Davi Asnani attends WCSC’s Harvest Breakfast with her family on September 6. From left: Sheela Hodges, Davi Asnani, Claire Hodges. (Photograph: Dan Druliner)

Community events are a great way to celebrate diversity of thought, converse with neighbors, and share a meal. Wallingford Community Senior Center hosted its third annual Harvest Breakfast on Saturday, September 6, and more than 120 people turned out to enjoy the good company and good food.

“Really good food. Everything was really nice,” said Davi Asnani, who attended the breakfast with her daughter Sheela Hodges and granddaughter Claire. They were joined later by Hodges’s husband and other children.

“They all enjoyed [themselves],” said Asnani. “In our family, everyone comes to support each other … They want to be with seniors, too.”

Pancake Breakfasts, Movie Nights, Harvest Breakfasts, and the Wallingford Family Parade and Festival are all events WCSC has done to help bring people together of different generations. While seniors and aging issues are always WCSC’s focus, these community events foster cross-generational interaction to build a more inclusive community, a critical component to fighting ageism and isolation. Continue reading