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Dear Friend,

Think about aging for yourself, whether you’re 36, 54, or 81. What do you want as you get older?

In our aging-averse culture, this question gets shunted to the side. Social convention leads us to view later years with fear and denial, conjuring up a bounty of negative images – frailty, decline, dependence and uselessness. But what if these images are flawed, narrow or overly simplistic?

So we happily hold this question up for you and those who connect here at Wallingford Community Senior Center. What do you want as you, and those around you, get older?

Molly Walton Final

What Molly wants, is to explore new ideas and still dream of possibility.

We hear answers that are as richly varied as the unique people who make up WCSC’s community. Many are aspirational. I want: My every day to have meaning and purpose. To continue to learn. To live with joy and gratitude. To experience kindness and compassion, and give the same in return. To discover my authentic self. To make a difference. We also hear clearly that people do NOT want to be discounted or underestimated. And they do not want to be alone.

“…Learn as if you were to live forever.”

This quote from Gandhi, helps guide Molly’s journey in aging. Discovering WCSC 7 years ago, Molly, an artist and natural helper, has brought her talents and heart here. What Molly wants, is to explore new ideas and still dream of possibility. To be seen and acknowledged. To laugh. She calls WCSC her community of support, resources, and caring, as she has faced her own challenges and changes.

Molly’s community. Where you can be encouraged or inspired in a conversation group or class on issues that matter to you. Where you are warmly welcomed and can meet new… Continue reading

Wallingford Family Parade and Festival Pictures!

Check out photos from the Wallingford Family Parade and Festival held on July 5th!  Costumes, music, dance moves, and smiles abound!  Thanks to Dan Druliner, Laura Goularte, and Ron Waldman for their photography work.

Meet Stephen and Learn About New Developments in the Field of Dementia in June’s Allies for Aging

Stephen Rasmussen Website

Prep Cook volunteer Stephen Rasmussen

Check out June’s issue of “Allies for Aging” – the newsletter that gives you a glimpse into the field of aging, as well as the programs and events you support!

June’s issue features:

  • A spotlight on Stephen Rasmussen, one of WCSC’s youngest, and most dependable volunteers!
  • A look at Momentia: the movement to create a more dementia friendly and accessible community.
  • Virtual senior centers and how technology is allowing seniors to connect with people from all parts of the country.
  • Alive Inside, the soon to be released documentary about dementia, music, and an amazing effort to rejuvenate those suffering from dementia.

Click here to read more!

Thank you for fighting ageism and supporting healthy and positive aging!