Foot Care Services

foot care

1st and 2nd Mondays*, 9 am – 5 pm

*Except 9/4.  There will be foot care on 9/11 and 9/18.

We have a new foot care nurse! Introducing Bonnie Ackles, RN, Certified Foot Care Specialist.

All new clients will need a one-time, 1-hour initial session. This appointment includes a brief health interview, medication review, physical assessment of lower extremities & nails/toes and your nail care. Follow-up appointments for established clients are 45 minutes. A routine session includes nail, callus, and corn reduction and an inspection of feet/legs & footwear for changes or irregularity. A moisturizing massage to feet and legs concludes every session. Kindly remove polish prior to appointment. 24-hour notice for cancellation is appreciated. No foot soaks done at this clinic, no towel is needed.

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$39 Members (initial assessment), $34 follow-up appointments/ $42 public (initial assessment), $37 follow-up appointments.