Relaxing Afternoon of Painting

I had the opportunity to offer an acrylics art class at the senior center today. My mood all day had been rather blah, the weather was crappy, so I was looking forward to the class. I’m not the greatest artist when it comes to paint, but I love how I’m able to just let everything go in my mind and relax…and meet new people and enjoy the conversations.

Since this was a first time for me offering the class to the senior center, I kept the attendance small. Five of the six enrollees showed up and I started them off on mixing primary colors to create new colors, making tints, and practicing on a small canvas.

I’ve been ready for spring, so the first piece we painted was cherry blossoms. This is a fairly easy piece consisting of a background color, a tree or a branch, and small dots of shades of pink for the blossoms. This made a nice warm-up piece, so everyone was less apprehensive about painting the Space Needle at night with buildings behind it.

Two hours flew by and it was hard for everyone to stop painting and clean up. The general consensus was that this was a very fun thing to do and everyone wants to do it on a regular basis (I’ll be speaking with the program manager to maybe allow me to have this monthly).

I left with a much better attitude and a brighter day!

Photos from the afternoon:

(click on a thumbnail to see a full size photo)