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Outcomes Surveys – April 2018

Twice a year, we survey our participants to find out how we’re doing and get your valuable input. Please take a few minutes to anonymously complete the survey here. We appreciate your feedback!

Please do not complete the survey more than once. If you’ve completed the survey in person at the senior center, please do not complete the online version. Thank you!

Who We Are

We are a warm and welcoming space where older adults in north Seattle can continue to learn and thrive while moving through life’s transitions in a positive and healthy way. Our hands-on, caring, and knowledgeable staff provides assistance to area¬†seniors and their families. Our dynamic and affordable programming enriches the lives of seniors by fostering independence and resiliency. [read more]

SchedulesPlus Kiosk

In September, we launched a computerized check-in system called SchedulesPlus. This new system has many benefits for WCSC and our participants, not least of which is the “kiosk” feature. This allows you to browse our calendar, register for programs, view your participation history, donate, add or renew a membership, and add funds to a convenient prepay account – from home or anywhere with internet access! Simply visit and explore! [read more]

Connecting. Learning. Thriving in Community.